We are the best combination of fun and fitness in this town.
We have a fun encouraging atmosphere AND the most competitive athletes  all rolled up into one big ole ball of you getting sexy as f**k. We have the friendliest schedule in town and the friendliest trainers in town.  Ok wrap your brain around this. Personal training is anywhere from 50-100 smackers an hour and you have to schedule it for a specific hour of the day.  Not very flexible and very expensive ehhh? What if you had trainers available every hour on the hour from dusk til dawn at a tenth of the price AND YOU NEVER HAD TO SCHEDULE? WELL SUCK ME SIDEWAYS SIGN ME UP FOR THAT SHIT! THAT'S US.  6AM.7AM.8AM.9AM.10AM.1PM.2PM.3PM.4PM.5PM.6PM.7PM
CrossFit to get in shape-
We have all different ages and abilities at our gym. Doctors, teachers, and zoo keepers oh jeepers! The one thing they have in common is a postive attitude and a desire to get in shape.  If you are an asshole with no desire to get physically fit you might not wanna come but i'm sure you are just peachy aren't you?
OUR SECRET SAUCE=We have soooooo much Fun
CrossFit BLUR is a great place to get started. You are going to be working with people who genuinly love fitness.  We eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our goal is to show people that anyone can do crossfit and benefit greatly. Intro classes can be scheduled anytime. You will work one on one with the owners, until you are ready to work into class (which is also taught by the owners you never get away from us). No extra charge for one on one work.
Beginners will execute simple bodyweight movements designed to get you in shape and develop you as a crossfitter. We begin each class by doing an active warm up. Afterwards we teach members the movements in the workout and make sure everyone is comfortable and capable. All movements are scaled to each individuals personal needs. Workouts are conducted like a regular CrossFit workout, scoring time and/or reps.​  Our goal is to excel your athletics each week with the sweet side effect of you getting sexy naked.
It's been amazing to watch the immediate progress and dertemination new memebers have shown!  So turn off candy crush and get your saggy tookis down here!  Get energy! Lose weight! Do it in the most encouraging environment. CrossFit BLUR!

Let's get this party started