Justin Fallon

CrossFit Resume

Coach/owner 2010-PRESENT

CrossFit athlete 2011-present


CrossFit regional athlete 2014-2018

Granite Games quailifer 2014-2018 Elite Div.

Wodapalooza qualifer 2015-2017

E-mail: info@crossfitblur.com

Tel: 480-622-8787



I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. The youngest of 3 boys, I was no stranger to wedgies, nuggies and other tortures given adorable names. Thanks to my brother's influences I was a 3 sport athlete, playing football, basketball, and baseball. With early success in sports, I set my sights on playing college sports. However, after a handful of injuries I realized it wasn’t in the cards. I stayed active, playing recreational sports, weight lifting, running, and Coaching youth sports.        

  My new focus became my education. In 2008 I graduated from the University of River Falls Wisconsin, (with a minor in coaching that I would use in the future more than I could have imagined ), and began pursuing my Doctorate at the University of Minnesota. After a year of Doctorate school I decided to change my career path. I moved back to Wisconsin and enrolled at the University of Eau Claire Wisconsin to obtain my kinesiology degree, with aspirations of becoming a physical therapist.

  I loved being a student, but had a void in the physical side of my life. This is when i found. CrossFit.com. I began to follow the workouts and do them at home or in traditional gyms. This soon lead me to finding a CrossFit Gym near campus. That gym soon became my second home. This lead to getting my CrossFit level one certification in early 2010.  Before I knew it I was running classes at the gym and building a clientele. It wasn't an easy decision, but i decided to forgo college and commit to Crossfit and coaching 100%. By choosing to ignore the paycheck that would come with finishing school and following my heart I had unknowingly made the best decision of life.

  In late 2010 Jake Holmberg and I decided to move to Arizona with a 5 year plan to open a gym in Scottsdale AZ. With a lot of hard work and little bit of luck things moved very quickly. By 2011 CrossFit Blur was born! Since that day, I’ve been truly blessed to feel as if I never have to work. Each day I get up and do what I love. CrossFit Blur is more of a large group of friends then a gym. We have built a community based on passion, fun, and fitness.

  My goal as a trainer is to positively impact everyone I work with. As an athlete I will always have personal goals in CrossFit, but when people talk about Me and our gym I hope they talk about the great positive impact we have had on our community above all else.

2010 - present

2010 - present