Personal Training

One on one sessions with trainers who have spent 14 hours a day in the weight room for 10 plus years. 

$70.00 per session

$600.00 pack of 10 sessions

$1,000.00 pack of 20 sessions

online programming

We are blurifying people around the globe! Too far to drive to blur? Contact us for personalized online programming delivered right to your phone.  Along with that a Blur trainer a phone call or text away with any questions you have.  This investment is $150 a month with no contracts. 

Kids Classes

Never too soon to get them started. Our focus is building stronger kids mental and physically. With a focus on general physical fitness, and guidance on proper nutrition. small group classes, and one on one session are available upon request. 


This is our meat and potatoes of blur

we have the best hours in arizona because there is nothing we would rather be doing then getting you fit.

Classes run all day!

5am-7pm every hour on the hour.


We(see trainer page) have been coaching and competing in crossfit for over 7 years.

we are a fitness first gym. our number one goal is to have you in the best shape of your life, while getting you to excel in the domains of crossfit 

Our programming is hand crafted and tested by us! Not copy and pasted from others. We have been trained by crossfit's elite level coaches. training under the guidance of CrossFit invictus and games athlete marcus Filly.

Like any good program we build or program to cater to our clientele. consider this Personal training at a tenth of the cost.

-$150 a month

-$20 drop in

nutrition coaching

Full nutrition program

150.00 a month.

Diet specially built to reach your goals