The Announcement


50 sit ups

100 double unders

40 sit ups

80 double unders

30 situps

60 double unders

when the clock hits 15:00


50 cal row

20 burpees

40 cal row

15 burpees

30 cal row

10 burpees

CrossFit Open athletes we recommend active recovery. Completing this workout at 80% Should leave you feeling ready to compete Friday. Come to the gym workout, stretch and have fun. It's a long five weeks., stay sane. Week 1 is just as, but no more important then week 5. Competing is the fun part. Enjoy the Open.

Reminder FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS starts this week. NO PM Classes FRIDAY. Friday night lights starts at 6pm. Atheltes will complete the open workout (whatever the hell it is) at CrossFit Blur North Week 1. We hope to blow the roof off this place with fans and athletes. If you've never been to this event please come see what all the hypes about. Also, bring a friend...and alcohol. The support of the CrossFit Blur community is what drives us as athletes. Everyone at the gym performs better with postive encouragement from friends. As athletes we cant begin to expalin how dear we hold those moments competiting on the regional floor looking up and seeing a sea of BLURNATION in the stands cheering us on. For MOST crossfitters the open is THE BIG GAME. So lets fill this bitch up friday night, get real loud, and have some fun. Your support could be the difference between CrossFit Blur making the next step to regionals. Thank you in advance for being so awesome!

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