Stacking Plates

Every 2 mins for 8 mins

sets 1-2: 8 deadlifts at 70% of max

sets 3-4: 8 deadlifts at 75% of max

(this is a large and heavy set. goal is to go unbroken and keep good form )

5 rounds (20 min cap)

20 wall balls 20/14

16 /12 cal bike

12 toes 2 bar

8 snatches 95/65. rx+ 135/95


Wall balls: move quickly and as close to unbroken as possible. 2 sets max to complete 20 reps should be your goal.

BIKE: Get on and go! use the first few calories to catch your breath, (don't monkey with the seat you won't be on long) then kick it down and finish (80% effort) you won't need your legs or lungs much on toes to bar.

Toes to bar: will vary for everyone, but try and move through them quickly, don't do a large set and burn out your grip, try and minimize rest periods between sets if you choose to break up the 12

snatch: Select a weight you can move 8 unbroken fresh,(you will most likely do singles in the workout) so that during the workout you can keep moving quickly even when tired. this will be 40 total snatches after heavy deadlifts and its only monday. Be smart in selecting your weights. Ask your coach if you don't know.)

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